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Corner Habit

Habit in its corner format, it is designed for that special corner in your living room, emanating warmth and comfort throughout the atmosphere.

Reversible front door
Inner coating of vermiculite
Steel combustion chamber

Corner Habit

Immerse yourself in the traditional warmth with our stove designed to occupy that special corner in your stay. Its wide vision of fire creates a pleasant hot spot that transforms the whole space, inviting you to enjoy cozy and comfortable moments in your home.

Technical specifications
E2180V2+T Habit 100 R + T
  • Aire primario precalentado Preheated primary air
  • Aire secundario precalentado Preheated secondary air
  • Base de vermiculita revestida en acero Vermiculite base coated in steel
  • Cámara de combustión de acero Steel combustion chamber
  • Cárter envolvente y posibilidad de conducción del aire caliente Enveloping crankcase and possibility of hot air conduction
  • Entrada de aire exterior Outside air inlet
  • Extracción frontal de cenizas (estufa) Front ash extraction (stove)
  • Kit de ventilación 4 turbinas con 2 velocidades automáticas y una manual Ventilation kit 4 turbines with 2 automatic speeds and one manual
  • Puerta frontal reversible Reversible front door
  • Revestimiento interior de vermiculita Vermiculite interior coating
E2180V2+T Habit 100 R + T
85.30 %
11 Kw
7,50 - 12,50 kW
0.090 %
23 mg/Nm3
106 mg/Nm3
59 mg/Nm3
2,80 kg/h
186 kg
40 cm
E2180V2+T Habit 100 R + T

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