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The fire we carry inside

En Rocal amamos ese fuego impetuoso que enciende la llama que da calor y confort a nuestros clientes desde hace más de 40 años. Trabajamos para seguir siendo una marca referente en el sector de las chimeneas y lograr así que esa llama no se apague nunca.


Our designer Fireplaces are Rocal's most iconic and distinctive product. Exclusive pieces created to enhance interior decoration.
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Our stoves combine functionality and design perfectly. Thanks to their extensive customization, they offer comfort and effortlessly adapt to any space, providing warmth and style to each environment.
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The G Series of our homes brings together all Rocal's distinctive values in one product: efficiency, quality, design, comfort and safety. Enjoying the full vision of the fire becomes a real pleasure for the home, adding a touch of warmth and beauty to each space.
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Our inserts offer exceptional performance and optimal efficiency. Experience comforting warmth and unparalleled comfort that will transform your home into a cozy and warm space.
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Our outdoor barbecues stand out for their strength and functionality. Enjoy cooking outdoors in a practical way without compromising its quality aesthetics.
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The importance of design

The design of our products is a key element in Rocal, as we take care of the beauty and performance of each model to the slightest detail. A perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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The most sustainable heat

Natural firewood, a source of renewable energy, is an ecological and economical fuel that allows our customers to enjoy the heat of the home in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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The quality that defines us

A Rocal fireplace is always a product of the best quality, both in terms of materials and performance, service and guarantee. Offering the best possible product is something that is in our DNA and this is demonstrated by the satisfaction of our customers.

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