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Born is a triangular central Fireplace. Its three open faces provide a great vision of the fire. A very transparent fireplace, with a contemporary and sober design. An ideal choice for minimalist and elegant spaces.

Glass ceramic
Double ventilated bell
Grating for coals and ash collection tray


Born transforms space into a stage of calm and serenity. Its triangular design frames the purity of minimalism through its simple lines, creating elegant and sophisticated environments.

Con pie
Sin pie
Dibujo vectorial de la chimenea Born de Rocal con sus medidas
Estructura de la chimenea Born de Rocal negra, de forma triangular y con pie
Technical specifications
Additional features
X1315V2 Born
  • Aire primario y secundario precalentado
  • Cristal vitrocerámico HRC Cristal vitrocerámico HRC
  • Doble campana ventilada para aire caliente Double ventilated hood for hot air
  • Incluye pie Incluye pie
  • Pintura anticalórica, antihumo y antiolor Anti-heat, anti-smoke and anti-odor paint
  • Posibilidad de entrada de aire exterior
  • Registro de aire primario y secundario Registro de aire primario y secundario
  • Remate de techo Ceiling finish
  • Tubo directo Direct pipe
X1315V2 Born
81,10 %
12,40 Kw
8,50 - 15,00 kW
0,107 %
29,10 mg/Nm3
132,00 mg/Nm3
76,00 mg/Nm3
3,50 kg/h
146 kg (sin pie)
156 kg (con pie)
33 cm
X1315V2 Born
  • Pie redondo Pie redondo

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