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We make comfort

In our factory located in the province of Barcelona, we produce all Rocal products directly. This proximity allows us to meticulously control the quality of the materials that make up our Fireplaces, ensuring higher standards from the selection of raw material to the final product.

With more than 40 years of experience in the home heating industry, we offer the highest quality guarantee in all our products. This path supports us and ensures excellence in everything we offer.


Years of experience

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Maximum comfort with exceptional quality

In Rocal, we offer a wide range of products for you to choose the one that best suits your home. Our fireplaces are the result of combining the highest manufacturing technology with artisanal finishing.

A process where every detail is meticulously cared for, using exclusively high-quality materials. We ensure that our design is both aesthetic and functional. We aim for the chosen product to fit seamlessly into your projects.

At Rocal we bet on a functional and aesthetic design. We work closely with leading product designers to ensure that our Fireplaces are at the forefront of the latest trends in the sector, thus ensuring a contemporary and functional style in each of our products.

The fireplace represents a fundamental element in the comfort of a dwelling, an element with which the user interacts a lot. The liturgy of carrying it with wood and lighting it is an important moment, a magical moment, since it precedes the enjoyment of the heat and the company that brings the fire. These last Fireplaces also seek to generate emotion even when they are off, decorate and confer personality on an environment, but without stridences. Formally they are forceful and, at the same time, light, and provide a great vision of fire, an aspect that has been almost an obsession in projecting them; in addition, they offer very powerful caloric yields and reach a degree of specialization that far exceeds the idea of open fire.All models have been designed to arouse emotions; some seek more the traditional aspect and others reflect a more modern, more architectural conception, but all convey a high perception of quality.

We use innovation to offer you superior performance

Our commitment to constantly improve our products in innovation and efficiency encourages us to integrate the latest technologies into our manufacturing processes. This allows us to achieve optimal performance and minimize the emission of gases to the environment, resulting in significant fuel savings.

Our facilities are located in Centelles, a small municipality located 25km from Barcelona.

The security of your home is our priority

We want to give you the assurance that our fireplaces will have a long life; for this reason, we test all products in our range following European quality standards.

One of our most important objectives is to ensure that our products provide maximum safety for your home, and we rely on our professional distributors to make the installation a success and fully satisfying for you.

A renewable and sustainable energy source

Firewood represents a valuable source of natural, biodegradable and renewable energy. In contrast to fossil fuels, their use does not increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, significantly reducing the risks of the greenhouse effect to our planet.

In addition to being easily accessible and affordable, obtaining them contributes to maintaining forest cleanliness. The smooth and elegant burning of firewood not only creates a warm atmosphere in your home, but also provides a cozy and relaxing feeling.