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Double Sided Serie G

This module of the G Series stands out for having a vertical sliding door, which makes it easier to clean the glass. With its wide view of fire on both sides, it is ideal to merge environments through its heat and be able to contemplate it from any place of the stay. Distinction and a plus comfort for your Households.

Hogar Serie G Doble Cara de Rocal negro, con fuego dentro, en pared lisa blanca en medio de un salón
Sliding and debatable door (to facilitate the cleaning of the glass)
Upper or lower extraction of the ash bucket
Inner coating of vermiculite

Double Sided Serie G

This G Series Households module embraces the entire space of your living room by allowing you to enjoy the fire from both sides. This adds a lot of warmth and well-being to your moments at Households, turning them into experiences that you will look forward to feeling engrossed by this comforting feeling.

Technical specifications
M1841 G450 DC
  • Aire terciario o de seguridad Tertiary or safety air
  • Cámara de combustión de acero Steel combustion chamber
  • Cárter envolvente y posibilidad de conducción del aire caliente Enveloping crankcase and possibility of hot air conduction
  • Entrada de aire exterior Outside air inlet
  • Extracción superior o inferior de la cubeta de cenizas Upper or lower removal of the ash pan
  • Pie regulable y nivelable Adjustable and levelable foot
  • Puerta deslizable y abatible (para facilitar la limpieza del cristal) Sliding and folding door (to facilitate cleaning the glass)
  • Puerta secundaria abatible (para facilitar la limpieza del cristal) Folding secondary door (to facilitate cleaning the glass)
  • Registro primario Primary register
  • Registro secundario Secondary register
  • Revestimiento interior de vermiculita Vermiculite interior coating
M1841 G450 DC
82,00 %
14,80 Kw
10,00 - 17,50 kW
0,120 %
28,47 mg/Nm3
91,11 mg/Nm3
71,88 mg/Nm3
4,05 kg/h
323 kg
55 cm

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