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Frontal Ronde

This front Fireplace gives continuity to the concept of the central ronde: fire as the only protagonist. And this Fireplace, it allows a view of the fire from any point in the living room.

Anti-caloric, anti-smoke and anti-odour painting
Double ventilated bell
Grating for coals and ash collection tray

Frontal Ronde

Delight in the hypnotic dance of fire from any point of stay is, without a doubt, a ritual full of warmth. A fully rewarding and sensory experience that will enjoy the whole family.

Technical specifications
X1340 Ronde Frontal
  • Cristal vitrocerámico Ceramic hob
  • Doble campana ventilada para aire caliente Double ventilated hood for hot air
  • Entrada de aire exterior Outside air inlet
  • Pintura anticalórica, antihumo y antiolor Anti-heat, anti-smoke and anti-odor paint
  • Registro primario y secundario Primary and secondary register
  • Remate de techo Ceiling finish
  • Tubo directo Direct pipe
X1340 Ronde Frontal
89,00 %
9,70 Kw
7,00 - 11,50 kW
0,094 %
24 mg/Nm3
105,00 mg/Nm3
66,00 mg/Nm3
2,44 kg/h
120 kg
25 cm
X1340 Ronde Frontal

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