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Vertical Habit

Habit offers you a traditional stove with a very practical, functional and aesthetically beautiful style. A small stove adaptable to any space in your home, but with efficient performance. You decide its finish: a rustic touch with its lower polish, the elegance of the metal bench or the modernity of having it suspended on the wall.

Reversible front door
Front extraction ash drawer
Inner coating of vermiculite

Vertical Habit

A small stove, with a style that rescues tradition and simplicity, without renouncing its efficiency. It will melt with warmth in any space, fuelling the most affectionate moments by the fire.

Technical specifications
E2100V2+T Habit 50 Vertical + T
  • Aire primario y secundario precalentado
  • Aire terciario o de seguridad Tertiary or safety air
  • Cámara de combustión de acero Steel combustion chamber
  • Cárter envolvente en acero de 6 mm Cárter envolvente en acero de 6 mm
  • Doble deflector, el superior con dos posiciones para ajustar el tiro
  • Extracción frontal del cajón de cenizas
  • Kit de ventilación de 2 turbinas con dos velocidades automáticas y una manual
  • Posibilidad de entrada de aire exterior
  • Puerta frontal reversible Reversible front door
  • Revestimiento interior de vermiculita Vermiculite interior coating
E2100V2+T Habit 50 Vertical + T
86,30 %
8,70 kW
5,50 - 9,50 kW
0,048 %
13 mg/Nm3
102 mg/Nm3
51 mg/Nm3
2,30 kg/h
154 kg
33 cm
E2100V2+T Habit 50 Vertical + T

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