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A great team

At Rocal, we have a highly qualified human team that drives our continuous growth and allows us to expand our market beyond our borders. Their dedication is key to our development and global reach.

At Rocal, we all share the dream of turning each home into a cozy home. It is thanks to the commitment and dedication of each member of our team that we realize this dream day by day.

The quality of our products has enabled us to expand our worldwide distribution

We strive daily to bring our products to an extensive network of distributors located around the world. They share our greatest purpose: to bring warmth to every home.

Discover our product range in showrooms

In addition, our distributors have showrooms where you can explore a selection of our products and receive the advice you need to make the best decision for your home.

Relying on the best professionals

Relying on the professionalism and dedication of our distributors, we strive to ensure that your experience is fully satisfactory. Beyond providing personalized advice for your project, our distributors guarantee you an excellent service that includes installation and after-sales maintenance.