Freestanding stoves
  • Habit 50 V
    Stove with ventilation unit in vertical format
  • Frontal Habit
    Stove with ventilation unit, size 70 A, 80 and 100
  • Habit TC
    Stove with ventilation unit, three sided view in two sizes of 73 or 93.
  • Lateral Habit
    Stove with ventilation unit in one only size of 76, in right or left side view
  • Habit Double Sided
    Stove with double sided view- without fans
  • Hebar
    Hebar is one of the most complete and efficient products in the market because thanks to its high performance, it also has the ability to heat a large surface. The same inertia of the stove makes the heat to remain in the oven for up to 3 hours after making the last recharge.