Design freestanding stoves
  • Ronde Central
    The main character on Ronde is fire, this central fireplace is pure energy and simplicity. Its design allows a total view from anywhere in the room. In addition, due to its medium size it can fit in all spaces.
  • Ronde Frontal
  • Born
    Born is a triangle-shaped, central freestanding stove. Its three sides, each offering a great view of the fire, make it incredibly transparent with modern, up-to-date, simple lines.
  • Oval
    This oval-shaped fireplace offers performance that borders on excellence. In addition, its small size makes the Oval fireplace easy to adapt in any space of the house.
  • Angle
    This model stands out for its versatility: it can be installed in a corner or frontal. It also offers a very good efficiency results.
  • Vertex
    Architectural, refined and compact, it fits in anywhere. Its double front door offers a clear view of the fire.
  • City
    A freestanding stove for urban homes that is ready to stand out in a modern context. Discover its straight lines and how it leaves the fi re completely visible. Offers extra fi rewood capacity with no loss of combustion quality.
  • Drop
    Drop is pure emotion. Its vertical line and rounded forms seek to adapt to and, at the same time, become the focal point of your home; with no aim to provoke indifference or to blend in.
  • D-10 graffiti
    This model offers a fi re vision from the front and the sides. Screen-printed glass. This stove can be suspended or in a foot and will oustand in any atmosphere.
  • D-7
    D-7 is one of our most popular modern freestanding stoves: it fits in any contemporary-style home and is outstandingly versatile.
  • D-8
    Its unusual shape makes it ideal to add an original touch to the modern living room. Flattened, with rounded sides, it holds more firewood.
  • D-9
    For design lovers, the D-9 has an original, elegant shape that suits stylish apartments and rooms.
  • Aitana
    An elegant frontal rounded freestanding stove that suits any room. Its classic style fi ts speciallly traditional spaces. Two doors opening from the center.
  • Barbara-90
    This model is one of our best classics because it never gets outfashion
  • Estela
    Our straight-sided corner unit, the Estela, is fire brick-lined and has primary and secondary registers.
  • Giselle-90
    A central freestanding stove for those who love a real fi re and good conversation, Giselle is a great reason to gather around the fire.
  • Gala
    This impressive central freestanding stove is synonymous with elegance and distinction. The focal point of any living room, it also achieves great energy efficiency.