Rocal has had the same vocation since it was founded in 1982: to create a range of products—freestanding stoves, insert modules, hearths, barbecues...— that lend your home all the comfort of a wood fire.
Our factory is in Centelles, just outside Barcelona.

Our more than 30 years’ experience in the home heating industry are the best guarantee of our products’ quality.

Backed by the best human and technical team, Rocal is growing daily and expanding its horizons on a national and international scale.
Quality and design
Rocal offers a wide range of products for you to choose the one that best suits your home. Our stoves are the result of hi-tech manufacturing methods combined with handcrafted finishes. A process in which every attention is paid to detail and only the highest quality materials are used.

We aim to provide functional design that is pleasing to the eye. We want our products to fit in with your projects.
Innovation and efficiency
We are committed to continuous product improvement, innovation and efficiency, and that has put our range right out in front. We use the latest technology to achieve optimal performance with minimal emissions, which also means considerable fuel savings.
Guarantee and safety
Feel safe in the knowledge that our fireplaces are long-lasting and that our products are tested in compliance with European quality standards.

One of our priority objectives is to ensure safety in your home through quality products and professional distributors and fitters.
An ecological, economical biomass fuel. A natural fuel that man has used since time began. It is the renewable energy source par excellence. Using wood instead of fossil fuels reduces the greenhouse effect, as it does not increase the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Furthermore, wood is easy to find, relatively cheap to obtain and contributes to clearing the forest floor.

Don’t forget that wood burns slowly and elegantly and provides that special touch that makes a house a home.
How do you calculate the output power your dwelling needs?
Poorly insulated dwelling
Moderately well-insulated dwelling
Very well-insulated dwelling