Design and Rocal

Rocal is totally committed to providing functional and beautiful design. We collaborate closely with designers in order to create products that unite the best qualities that you will appreciate in your home.
Joan Gaspar
‘The fireplace is a fundamental item in terms of a dwelling’s comfort, with a high level of user interaction. The ritual of putting in the firewood and lighting it is an important, even magical act, as it heralds the moment when the user will enjoy the heat and company given by fire.
These fireplaces also seek to evoke emotions even when they’re not being used, decorating and giving personality to a room, but with restraint. Their forceful but airy lines give a broad view of the flames. This aspect has been almost an obsession during the design phase. They also stand out for their heat efficiency, achieving a level of engineering that amply surpasses previous expectations about open fires.

All of the models have been designed to evoke emotions; some follow a more traditional line, while others reflect a more modern, architectural concept. But they all without fail convey a high perception of quality.’
Berta Noguer
When it was suggested that I paint the fireplace frames, I asked myself if it was really necessary to decorate something as visually attractive as fire. Instead of that, I chose to accompany and frame it. I wanted to make designs that evoke nature: water, earth, drawings of animals and insects, different times of the day... The concept of fire permeates my entire work: I work with brushes because they help recreate the twisting forms produced by the flames.’